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Global Shipping Costs Skyrocket Amid Demand Surge, Create More Drayage Optimization Demand.

Shipping rates for containers from Asia to Europe have doubled due to increased demand and supply chain disruptions, with urgent shipments costing as much as $10,000. CMA CGM SA has raised its rates significantly, responding to stretched capacities from ongoing regional conflicts and higher consumer demand in the U.S. and Europe. PRIMO’s integrated freight management solutions directly address the escalating costs and logistical complexities by offering efficient, cost-effective transportation options, ensuring businesses can manage expenses and maintain supply chain fluidity despite market volatility.

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NOAA Issues Above-Average Hurricane Season, Shippers Will Need Strategic Partnerships to Stay in the Know

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has reported that the 2024 hurricane season will be more active than usual. They expect 2024 to have 17 to 25 total named storms, and that increased risk will lead to added challenges in managing logistics, particularly for shippers with locations along the east coast, including Florida. PRIMO is ready to help with these capabilities for both the pre- and post-landfall across FTL, flatbed and any needs that will exist to support the area as time moves forward. 

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Nearshoring Amplifies Cross-Border Freight Demand, Shippers Turn to PRIMO to Thrive

Nearshoring is accelerating, driven by the need for resilience and reduced emissions, increasing demand for efficient cross-border freight solutions between the US and Mexico. Challenges such as driver shortages and equipment availability require innovative logistics strategies and strong carrier relationships. PRIMO’s robust network and ‘human first’ approach directly address these challenges, ensuring efficient and reliable cross-border freight management.

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ATRI Unveils 2024 Priorities for Trucking Industry Research, Pushes Shippers to Prioritize Safety, Security Among Drivers in Their Networks

The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) has established its 2024 research priorities, focusing on enhancing driver recruitment, mitigating litigation impacts, understanding cargo theft, alleviating traffic bottlenecks, and evaluating the federal excise tax on truck investments. These initiatives aim to address critical challenges in workforce development, cost management, and operational efficiency within the trucking sector. PRIMO’s comprehensive logistics solutions directly support these goals by improving carrier vetting and driver management, thus enhancing supply chain stability and efficiency.

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CSX Awards Chemical Safety Excellence, Reaffirms Demand for Chemical Transportation & Intermodal Logistics’ Expertise

CSX recently recognized 53 customers for their exemplary safety practices in the transportation of hazardous materials, marking 30 years of their Chemical Safety Excellence Awards. These awards emphasize the critical importance of safety in rail transport, with the honored companies having shipped over 144,640 carloads without incidents in 2023. This commitment to chemical safety highlights a significant opportunity for PRIMO to provide expert chemical intermodal freight and logistics solutions that ensure both safety and cost-efficiency in the increasingly scrutinized chemical shipping sector.

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AI Transforms Trucking and Logistics,Shippers Turn to 3Pls to Support Advancement

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the freight transportation industry by enabling the conversion of massive data into actionable intelligence, automating tasks, and enhancing safety and productivity. Innovations in AI are being applied to optimize routing, predictive pricing, and maintenance, promising significant improvements in efficiency and service. PRIMO’s integration of advanced capabilities addresses the critical need for shippers to leverage cutting-edge technology to maintain competitiveness and adapt to evolving industry demands. Further, PRIMO is continuously investing in optimization and working to improve the customer experience.

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