Quote Your Shipment with Primo™


Anywhere between US, Canada and Mexico. Ship your freight across the border with the right equipment and capacity offered by our wide network of carriers, while we provide you with full visibility on your shipments.

Primo™ saves reduces management time.

Uncover simplified cross-border shipping solutions and leverage your supply chain throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico. Leave the paperwork and heavy work to us, so you can focus on what matters to you.

Visibility at all times.

Never lose track of your shipment! Manage your operations through out TMS and check the latest updates about your freight status.

Your cargo is always in good hands.

We know you cargo is extremely valuable for your business. This is why Primo™ will only hand it to reliable, professional carriers.

Special loads call for special project cargo solutions.

When it comes to your high value, large, heavy lift cargo, or special loads, you need exceptional freight shipping solutions that adapt to specific requirements and meet the highest standards while leveraging your supply chain.

Volume means Value.

Let us help you find the best carrier for your specific need. We understand big loads are full of value, so we want to provide you efficient solutions that maximize your savings while guaranteeing your shipments are in expert hands.

Expertise throughout different industries.

Chemicals, oil and gas, machinery, cars and auto-parts, textiles… These are just a few industries we have served with outstanding project cargo solutions, by providing capacity and expertise to maximize efficiencies and enable a seamless shipping process.

Different types of equipment to meet different needs.

Beyond calls and emails, our team of experts keeps an eye on your whole shipment process to help you find and choose the most efficient and competitive options for your Projects.

A unique attention to detail.

Our team of experts creates synergies through our network of carriers to build successful shipping processes where attention to detail is paramount. We strive for proactive communication and specialized knowledge to provide you with seamless and efficient project cargo solutions.

Build a team specialized for your needs.

Our innovative team structure puts small, independent groups in charge of specific relationships and shipments. Each becomes a pod of experts in planning, anticipating, executing and problem-solving, wrapping a family-vibe team around every client.

This structure lets us take better care of our employees, meaning they’ll take better care of our customers. Plus we draw on leadership experience with state-of-the-art tech that empowers us to fully manage our paths through the supply chain, completing an offering to our customers that’s beyond compare.