PRIMO Satiates Your Hunger for Better Nutrition & Food Logistics

PRIMO Prioritizes Safety, Quality & Completeness in Food & Nutrition Logistics

At PRIMO, we understand the unique challenges of the food and nutrition industry. Our specialized nutrition, beverage and food logistics solutions are designed to ensure product quality, safety, and compliance while maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Trust PRIMO to expertly manage your entire food supply chain, leveraging our extensive family network of partnering carriers and our localized service offices in Canada, the USA, and Mexico.

Discover the benefits of our strategically connected network, providing comprehensive logistics services tailored to the food logistics industry, including nutrition and beverages too.


Temperature-Controlled Solutions to Promote Safety & Quality

Keep the cold foods cold with PRIMO attention to detail worthy of your family freezer. We consider every risk and opportunity to leverage:

  • State-of-the-art containers.
  • Dry ice and gel packing.

Customized Warehousing & Value-Added Solutions

Eliminate all doubt over risk with customized, scalable, and packaging and warehousing solutions that really do stand up to the elements. We offer:

  • Chilled, ambient, and frozen storage.
  • Labeling, repacking, and more.

Real-Time Visibility & Data-Driven Optimization

Leverage PRIMO’s Managed Trans System and advanced tracking and analytics capabilities to improve your food logistics and nutritious supply chain with:

  • Shipment traceability.
  • Performance insights.

Nutrition & Food Logistics Equipment and Modes Offered by PRIMO

Explore our range of equipment and transportation modes specifically designed for food and nutrition logistics, while also offering multimodal transport solutions for seamless coordination. 

20' Containers

40' reefer

Dry Van


Straight Truck