PRIMO Automotive Logistics



Quality and speed are two factors synonymous with proper automotive logistics. Unlike other industries, automakers and parts manufacturers, as well as suppliers, need a dependable solution to handle exceeding complex and vast networks. We’re a cousin network that helps you scale through trust, service, technology, and help when you need it most. 

Together, PRIMO Freight delivers on a commitment to speed, just-in-time (JIT) fulfillment, and a strong, scalable infrastructure, so your customers can drive in confidence and style.

John Smith

Director of Procurement for Major Auto Manufacturer in Mexico

PRIMO has provided an unmatched service level to help keep our customers in the drivers’ seats and on the road. Together, we can count on our primo, our cousin in logistics, to get parts and both oem and aem parts to customers.”

How Your PRIMO Puts Automotive Clients Back in the Driver's Seat

PRIMO approaches the auto industry with open doors and engines ready to put the pedal to the metal and get your goods to their destinations on time through:

Tracking functions

Comprehensive and accessible tracking functions.

best carriers every time

A world-class managed trans system to select the best carriers for every load.

cross-border management

Cross-border management, customs clearance, and IOR/EOR recordkeeping.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions to overcome disproportionate supply networks.

The Use Cases of PRIMO Freight for the Auto Industry

PRIMO creates lasting value through a diverse and agile supply chain process that optimizes automotive logistics to:

  • Select the “just right” carrier for every load.
  • Leverage technology to keep everyone in the loop.
  • Create new value through optimum routes, dynamic rates, and beyond.
  • Offering JIT fulfillment and ongoing route optimization.
  • A dedicated PRIMO to help you anytime, day or night, in our dedicated operations team.

Short- & Long-Haul Capabilities For All North American Auto Needs Specialty Services to Protect Sensitive Electronics and Equipment:


53' Dry Van

Flatbed Trailers

Hot Shot Flatbed

Straight truck

Final Mile