Steel and Pipe Logistics by PRIMO

PRIMO Is Powered by People & Tech to Enable Complex Steel, Pipe & Metal Transportation

Shipping steel, pipe, and supporting materials is a challenging feat. Steel, pipe, and metal shipping carries significant safety risks, and finding the right transportation partner is crucial to reducing your liability. PRIMO has developed a brokerage-in-a-box solution that streamlines inland steel and pipe logistics. This approach has created a cost-effective process to help shippers control freight spending and streamline operational excellence for steel and pipe manufacturers, distributors, and resellers.

“PRIMO has successfully created what no other company could, an all-in-one solution that doesn’t skimp on training, traceability, or cost-savings. This is the highest priority in our niche industry, where a single safety or compliance violation can cost thousands of dollars every minute. With our PRIMO family, we know that our steel and pipe transportation will be perfect.”

PRIMO Stands the Test of Time Throughout Steel & Pipe Logistics

PRIMO gets that unlike dry van or other forms of transportation, steel and pipe logistics carry a big risk. Still, PRIMO take a family-first approach to maximize safety, cost savings, and solutions that will help get your goods from A to B with compliance and quality at every level through these four area.

Supply chain optimization

Unlock the most value in steel, pipe, and metal logistics with advanced analytics and business intellgience tools that enable true optimization.

Trust-based relationships

Get to know our team as an extension of your own in-house team and build relationships based on trust. 

absolute transparency

Know where every load is and headed with our complete coverage in Mexico, the US, and Canada.


Rest assured that weights, securement needs, stackings and lashing are perfect and safe. 

How PRIMO Empowers Steel and Pipe Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers

PRIMO works together with your team to offer a complete brokerage-in-a-box solution that’s built to meet the unique needs of metal shipping, steel logistics, and pipe transportation through six core functions.

  • World-class Managed Trans System.
  • People that “get” logistics.
  • Expertise from our highly trained team.
  • Top-notch service that’s always there when needd.
  • Expedited services to handle urgent and last-minute orders.

Steel, Pipe & Metal Shipping and Transportation Equipment Options Offered by PRIMO

Heavy Haul

Straight Truck



Side Kit

Lifting & Securement