COrt furniture

this well-known furniture company taps PRIMO to evolve logistics into core competitive advantage.

“By improving our logistics processes for greater speed and efficiencies, we can create real operational synergies to build the most cost-effective and differentiated supply chain in our space.”  J.T. Marcum, Corporate Vice President for CORT.


The client has known for its development and manufacturing of aluminum components for e-mobility, structure, and chassis within the automotive industry.  The company was facing hurdles from cost pressures to the need to relocate their supply chain operations. Most importantly, the client needed to engage an expert to relocate their Canadian manufacturing line to Mexico. This is when PRIMO brought transformative solutions.

Solar Industry

The Business Challenge

Greentech Renewables, a leading provider in the solar energy sector, was facing multifaceted challenges. Their ambition to ensure on-time and damage-free deliveries across various diverse delivery sites, including residential areas, was continuously hampered by multiple issues. From the unpredictable rise in fuel costs to the specialized handling required for their products, the obstacles were immense and required innovative solutions. With a complex framework, Greentech Renewables needed a partner to navigate these challenges.

Semiconductor Industry

The Business Challenge

This electronics giant grappled with specific pain points in their semiconductor supply chain in a constantly evolving industry. The complexities of managing inventory, enduring long lead times, navigating stringent environmental regulations, and the high cost of production were all hampering their efficiency. The challenges were multi-dimensional.

Automotive Industry

The Business Challenge

The client, a prominent player in the automotive industry, faced specific limitations in their supply chain operations, particularly in the Midwest zone. Managing the capacity to move scrap, handling cross-border shipments, and ensuring uninterrupted availability of units were areas needing urgent attention. These challenges were multi-faceted, including:

Machinery Industry

The Business Challenge

Initially approached by PRIMO, the company had grappled with the void left by a previous logistics company. On the day of the initial contact, PRIMO’s own Jayson Potter drove to meet the client on-site. This was an iconic moment in what would blossom into a significant partnership.

Time management was a key issue, as was the quest for a partner to deliver on promises and find actionable ways to enable cost avoidance. Together, the client wanted a true partner that would enable growth, yet existing market solutions always seemed to leave something to be wanted.

Food and Beverage Industry

The Business Challenge

Their entry point with PRIMO began with a bidding opportunity in September 2022. Limited capacity means thousands of gallons of wasted product, poor visibility into on-time deliveries and pick-ups, and an inability to increase market share due to supply chain issues. 

Despite initial challenges regarding carrier capacity, the relationship grew as a new PRIMO Key Account Manager, Marcela, was assigned. By August 2023, they had scaled from an initial 2 shipments to an impressive 85 shipments, demonstrating significant growth with 400 collective shipments handled over the 10-month period.

Aviation Industry

The Business Challenge

An aviation company specializing in exporting safety airplane equipment and airplane elements from Canada and Southern California to Central and South America found itself navigating transparency and communication challenges in logistics. They sought to improve their service, delivery, and communication, particularly the verification of cargo status.