A prominent distributor of dairy products, renowned for its Mexico-wide coverage, including all of PepsiCo’s dairy products, faced challenges in national distribution for all its stores. Despite being one of Mexico’s largest dairy distributors, boasting coverage of the entire country and approximately 20,000 employees, seamless national distribution remained elusive.

The Business Challenge

Their entry point with PRIMO began with a bidding opportunity in September 2022. Limited capacity means thousands of gallons of wasted product, poor visibility into on-time deliveries and pick-ups, and an inability to increase market share due to supply chain issues.

Despite initial challenges regarding carrier capacity, the relationship grew as a new PRIMO Key Account Manager, Marcela, was assigned. By August 2023, they had scaled from an initial 2 shipments to an impressive 85 shipments, demonstrating significant growth with 400 collective shipments handled over the 10-month period.

The Solution

What separated PRIMO from other 3PLs was unmatched price and capacity offers. As the dairy industry grew, there was a pressing need to ensure expansive coverage for their customers spread across the country that could also handle approximately 150 suppliers and navigate the challenges of toll manufacturing.

PRIMO offered freight transportation and delivery service and introduced specialized and dedicated account managers, 24/7 customer service, and a group of certified carriers.

Bright spots of the partnership emerged in the form of regular customer visits to strengthen relationships.

PRIMO became the first vendor to present special KPIs with specific data, pushing the envelope of standardized service for the client.

The Results

The impact on their business extended beyond logistics. The partnership enabled them to reach allies distributed throughout the country, leading to an uptick in sales. There’s much anticipation as they venture into the U.S. market, aiming for a comprehensive 4PL process, with PRIMO poised to be a potential partner in this new negotiation.

Here is a top-level glance at the outcome of the partnership.

Shipments jumped from 15 in October 2022 to 84 by July 2023.

Compliance with loading and delivery appointments showcased PRIMO's dedication.

Delivery compliance across 9 distinct locations, primarily based in Mexico City, was sustained.

On average, 10 trailers were utilized per delivery, ensuring scale and efficiency.

92.3% on-time pick-up.

100% on-time delivery.

100% Damage-free deliveries.