An aviation company specializing in exporting safety airplane equipment and airplane elements from Canada and Southern California to Central and South America found itself navigating transparency and communication challenges in logistics. They sought to improve their service, delivery, and communication, particularly the verification of cargo status.

The relationship with PRIMO took flight in May 2023. Originally a consignee in another PRIMO project, this aviation entity transitioned from facing issues with their then-current supplier to forming a promising alliance with PRIMO.

The Business Challenge

The shift wasn’t just about transporting goods but about understanding specific needs, including:

Desire to increase accountability and verification of cargo status at all times.

Tracking on-time pickups and deliveries to keep the skies open.

Understanding expected transit time to reduce delays among their customers.

The Solution

Clarity, visibility and collaboration are crucial to every enterprise, but in the aviation industry, those core functions are even more important and impact the safety of everyone involved. PRIMO was able to come into this client partnership and meet those demands through:

An around-the-clock shipment monitoring and tracking process within our Managed Trans System.

Automated alerts to keep the client informed of potential changes in deliveries or validating expected time of arrival.

Sharing information throughout the PRIMO team to intervene when a problem did arise to get the shipment to the destination on time despite issues.

Working hand-in-hand with the client to understand their core pain points and devising a unique, customized logistics solution for every load.

The Results

Key outcomes of this partnership included:

Enhanced pickup, delivery, and transit times, culminating in substantial time savings.

A platform offering 24/7 updates on cargo status, enhancing transparency and trust.

Establishing an alliance that ensured smooth deliveries and provided a platform for potential growth.

There's also a shared ambition to expand locations and even explore full truckload (FTL) shipments in the near future.