In the competitive logistics landscape, a reputable heavy-duty coil-handling firm sought a logistics partner who could meet and exceed their expectations. Coming to PRIMO with limited 3PL experience, much of which had been sub-par while searching for a new 3PL, set incredible expectations. Their search for a high-quality 3PL led them to PRIMO, and the ensuing partnership has been nothing short of transformative.

The Business Challenge

Initially approached by PRIMO, the company had grappled with the void left by a previous logistics company. On the day of the initial contact, PRIMO’s own Jayson Potter drove to meet the client on-site. This was an iconic moment in what would blossom into a significant partnership.

Time management was a key issue, as was the quest for a partner to deliver on promises and find actionable ways to enable cost avoidance. Together, the client wanted a true partner that would enable growth, yet existing market solutions always seemed to leave something to be wanted.

The Solution

PRIMO stood out for several reasons to the client, including:

Promptness and Unique Service Offering.

Not only did PRIMO's team show commitment by driving to the client's location on the very day they expressed interest, but PRIMO was able to literally lessen the client’s workload by offering a courtesy credit to their customers. This removed the burden of the client billing his customers for logistics services and transformed logistics from a cost-center to profit-center.

Dedication and Accountability.

The PRIMO team meticulously planned every shipment, ensuring cost-effectiveness and efficient time management. Following a series of prior failures with scheduling riggers for installation of machinery, PRIMO brought accountability to the process. In turn, this had a significant impact on the savings potential for the client.

The Results

The client witnessed several cathartic benefits:

Enhanced Time Management.

PRIMO's interventions freed up valuable time for the client, allowing them to focus on other critical areas, such as sourcing new vendors for essential components.

Improved Sales

With the logistics side of the business securely in PRIMO's hands, the client could pivot to expanding its sales operations.