The customer and current situation:

The client has known for its development and manufacturing of aluminum components for e-mobility, structure, and chassis within the automotive industry.  The company was facing hurdles from cost pressures to the need to relocate their supply chain operations. Most importantly, the client needed to engage an expert to relocate their Canadian manufacturing line to Mexico. This is when PRIMO brought transformative solutions.


There were distinctive challenges and expectations to meet. There was a directive from their management to achieve a 15% savings from the previous year’s logistics costs by doing the relocation of their factories. The client has had an over-reliance on a single supplier and by then the company required a different partner to create value when doing this big changes in their supply chain. They sought automation and seamless coordination by working with PRIMO, wherein the transport operation is effectively managed.


PRIMO’s approach was meticulously crafted to address these pain points. 

By moving the operations to Mexico the company was able to be closer to their suppliers so that there was a decrease on the warehousing cost and improve efficiency since the production was just in time which reduce inventory. Then, the transit times were shorter and the company boost performance with PRIMO carrier network that covered all cross borders operations, procedures and provides visibility to ensure the proper delivery of the shipments.



“PRIMO’s ability to dissect our challenges and tailor their services has been a game-changer,” 

“Their solutions not only optimized our costs but also revamped our operational dynamics.”