One leading value-conscious consumer electronics brand faced unique challenges in an industry marked by constant innovation. With a heritage spanning over 50 years and a mission to deliver the latest technologies at affordable prices, this company’s dedication to quality was unyielding. But complex challenges in the semiconductor supply chain called for a specialized solution. In their pursuit of efficiency, they found PRIMO, a partner that understood their needs and offered solutions tailored to overcome the intricate challenges they faced.

The Business Challenge

This electronics giant grappled with specific pain points in their semiconductor supply chain in a constantly evolving industry. The complexities of managing inventory, enduring long lead times, navigating stringent environmental regulations, and the high cost of production were all hampering their efficiency. The challenges were multi-dimensional.

Trouble managing inventory.

A complex supply chain led to inventory mismanagement.

Complex supply chain.

Navigating the myriad components of a globalized semiconductor industry was time-consuming and costly.

Long lead times.

Production delays led to longer lead times for getting products to market, affecting downstream movements.

Environmental regulations.

Compliance with various laws was cumbersome, as the requirements for transporting semiconductors changed over time.

High cost of production.

The expenses associated with the production process of semiconductors were escalating.

The Solution

Understanding the multifaceted challenges faced by the client, PRIMO employed its unparalleled expertise in the semiconductor supply chain to craft a tailored solution. Leveraging its Managed Trans System, PRIMO orchestrated and optimized the transportation of semiconductor components. The answer was a blend of the following elements:

Less-than-Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) Services.

By offering both LTL and FTL services, PRIMO provided a flexible, cost-effective solution that allowed the client to choose suitable transportation options based on the volume of their shipments.


PRIMO's experienced team in the semiconductor sector worked closely with the client, translating intricate requirements into actionable strategies.

People and Processes.

PRIMO deployed a dedicated mini-team that maintained constant communication with the client, ensuring that every specific need was met. The cohesive and agile processes facilitated smooth collaboration and quick adaptation to changes.

Managed Trans System.

This proprietary system enabled real-time visibility of shipments and a streamlined approach to planning, execution, and monitoring of the supply chain. It played a vital role in reducing lead times and minimizing transportation costs.

Environmental Compliance Assistance.

PRIMO guided the client through stringent environmental regulations, ensuring full adherence without compromising efficiency.

The Results

The collaboration with PRIMO translated into tangible success for the client, especially in delivering products to their customers on time. This timely delivery was a mere metric and testament to the efficiency and synergy of the supply chain process. Key aspects that led to this success were as follows:

One of the client contacts further noted PRIMO’s value, stating, “Working with PRIMO has been a game-changer for our business. Their tailored solutions, technology, and dedicated team have made on-time deliveries a consistent reality.”

The on-time delivery satisfied the client’s customers, fortified trust in the brand, and set a new benchmark in the industry.

Optimized Routes.

PRIMO's capacity to move scrap met the client's immediate and ongoing needs.

Flexibility of LTL and FTL Services.

The varied services, all part of PRIMO’s omnimodal offering, allowed the client to choose the optimal solutions for their specific requirements.

Managed Trans System.

The continuous monitoring ensured smooth operations and quick resolution of potential issues.

Dedicated Team and Constant Communication.

PRIMO's substantial capacity in the Midwest zone facilitated the client's operations in this critical region.