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Trucking Holiday Seasons Begins, Albeit Uncertain

November 9, 2023

As the trucking industry enters a strong yet uncertain holiday season, a recent survey indicates that consumer spending is expected to remain high despite a softer economy. This period is marked by a unique set of supply chain challenges, with 73% of merchants anticipating higher sales than in previous years. The industry faces a balancing act between maintaining high consumer demand and navigating the complexities of market instability and changing conditions. In this dynamic landscape, PRIMO’s services provide a robust safeguard against such uncertainties. PRIMO’s innovative approach helps businesses adapt to fluctuating market conditions, ensuring stability and efficiency in their logistics operations.

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32nd Annual Study of Logistics Trends Highlights New Technology Improvement as an Area of Focus

November 10, 2023

The 32nd Annual Study of Logistics and Transportation Trends asked respondents to identify the most significant challenges for logistics and transportation operations in the coming year. New technologies made the list at number eight (8), and that will inevitably mean that more companies will look to true third-party providers, e.g., PRIMO, to better leverage technology and visibility solutions for their supply chains.

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Construction Spending Increases Indicate Higher Demand for Trucking

November 7, 2023

Recent data shows a slight increase in construction spending, signaling a growing demand for trucking services in the face of unstable markets and limited asset access. Despite a 0.4% rise in overall construction spending, the industry faces challenges with a record number of job openings and difficulty hiring enough workers. This scenario underscores the need for efficient logistics solutions. PRIMO’s services, particularly in optimizing both LTL and TL, are crucial in this context. By streamlining costs and adapting to the dynamic needs of the construction sector, PRIMO ensures that businesses can maintain momentum even amidst fluctuating market conditions and workforce challenges with a wider carrier network and strategic partnerships.

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UAW Union Activities and Agreement Indicate Illinois Plant Will Come Back to Life, Spur Automotive Logistics Demand

November 10, 2023

The recent agreement and activities of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union signal a significant revival for the Belvidere, Illinois plant, previously closed by Stellantis. This development, marked by President Joe Biden’s attendance at a UAW rally, highlights the union’s success in negotiating the reopening of the plant, which is set to produce a new midsize pickup truck and electric vehicle batteries by 2027. The reopening of this plant, a rarity in the auto industry, is a response to the union’s strategic strikes and the automakers’ strong financial positions. This resurgence is crucial in an industry grappling with rising transportation costs, often leading to reduced employee funds. PRIMO’s efficiency in automotive logistics is vital in such scenarios, helping plants like Belvidere do more with less and reduce overhead costs related to transportation, thereby supporting the workforce and the local economy.

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Small Retailers Look to Reduce Costs, Resell Returns, Triggers Demand for Reverse Logistics Help

November 10, 2023

Small and midsize retail businesses increasingly focus on managing customer returns sustainably and cost-effectively. A new survey reveals that 93% of these retailers prioritize sustainability in their returns process, with 58% recognizing inventory cost optimization as a key benefit. Many are turning to environmentally friendly logistics and partnering with third-party experts to manage product returns. This shift towards sustainable practices helps recoup costs and enhances brand competitiveness and customer satisfaction. In this evolving landscape, PRIMO offers comprehensive forward and reverse logistics solutions, particularly in handling warehousing for high-value items like semiconductors. PRIMO’s expertise in this area ensures that retailers can effectively manage returns, reduce waste, and align their operations with sustainability goals.

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