Empower Your Trucking and 3PL Business with
PRIMO’s Brokerage-in-a-Box.

PRIMO’s Family Network Is at Your Fingertips With Our Brokerage-in-a-Box.

PRIMO‘s Brokerage-in-a-Box service offers a comprehensive and tailored solution for shippers, trucking companies and 3PLs seeking to develop and expand their domestic brokerage in North America. Partners can unlock new growth opportunities by leveraging PRIMO’s extensive network of carriers, proprietary technology, and experienced staff.

Expand Your Services With an Organic, PRIMO-Driven Approach.

With PRIMO’s Brokerage-in-a-Box, trucking companies, shippers, and 3PLs can broaden their service offerings and create new revenue streams. Partners gain access to PRIMO‘s vast network of 20K+ carriers, enabling them to provide additional services, such as container drayage, LTL, and small package/ parcel, and intermodal service.

J.T. Marcum

Corporate Vice President for CORT.

“By improving our logistics processes for greater speed and efficiencies, we can create real operational synergies to build our space’s most cost-effective and diferentiated supply chain. PRIMO and their Brokerage-in-a-Box solution have helped us reduce the costs incurred to best serve our customers without sacrificing service excellence so that they can enjoy first-class living and working environments at affordable prices.”

Brokerage-in-a-Box Use Cases.

Discover the various ways PRIMO‘s Brokerage-in-a-Box can transform your business:

Menu-style service selling

PRIMO’s Brokerage-in-a-Box effectively creates a menu-style approach to offering logistics and brokerage services, scaling infinitely with your business.

Applicable to all industries

PRIMO’s abilities to handle any need mean that any industry, any mode and any other need is fully covered with the Brokerage-in-a-Box solution.

White-label services

Managed services to handle the full shipment lifecycle from procurement through last mile delivery.


Offer your existing customer base a broader range of services, such as drayage in ports where you lack dedicated capacity.

Technology and People to Scale Your Business

PRIMO‘s proprietary technology connects 20+ systems, including quoting, dispatching, tracking, and document sharing. Our advanced rating engine and custom-built reporting features provide partners with a unique pricing model based on historical data and market trends. The built-in CRM and project management tool streamline RFPs, bids, and long-term forecasting, making it easier for your business to scale.

Complementing our advanced technology, PRIMO‘s dedicated team bridges the gap between customer support and technology, ensuring seamless integration and an exceptional user experience. Our experienced staff works closely with your business to help you navigate and optimize the powerful tools at your disposal, empowering you to achieve unparalleled growth.

PRIMO’s CEO, Justin Hall, further explained this value-add:

Asset-based companies that have pulled off building a brokerage have typically had to purchase an existing 3PL to guarantee competence and technology. Rather, PRIMO creates an opportunity where asset-based carriers, freight forwarders, shippers – anyone – can all come to us and say, ‘build me a custom white-label solution for brokerage-as-a-service,’ and get it within weeks.”