What’s your freight issue?

Freight done right.

We make freight time a great time.

Focus on your business, not your freight.

Think of us as a one-stop shop with a singular result: you’ll never worry about your logistics again.

Any problem is no problem.

Whether you’re juggling an enterprise resource system or a myriad of spreadsheets to make routing decisions, or any other complication that makes handling your logistics a challenge, we’re here for it.

In it for everyone to win it.

Whether you feel understaffed and overwhelmed with juggling a myriad of spreadsheets and emails to make routing decisions, or any other complication that makes handling your logistics a challenge, we’re here for it.

Quote your freight with accuracy

International Shipping

Welcome to the family

Primo is a different kind of partner. We’re here to make you look good, with a people-first service model that means we pick up the phone, roll up our sleeves, and solve things on your behalf. We have a family-style approach in our organization, where small cells of service groups zero in on your business and your needs to tackle any level of complication to get the job done.

Primo™ Logistics

Build a team that is looking out for your interest.

We know you’re trying to do more than ever, with fewer resources to get it done. We see our job as helping our customers maintain a completely ripple-free experience for their customers—even if behind the scenes we’re juggling multiple systems or processes. We’ve even helped customers simplify, optimize and overhaul order-to-shipment approaches. In the short run, it’s a heavy lift. In the long run, we’re proud to have resolved a challenge that end customers never even knew was there.

Primo™ TMS Features

Optimize your freight management with a team specialized in carrier management and bulk data entry.

Primo™ Support Team

Gain better visibility of your freight & transport forecasting with a team designed to control cost and manage carrier payments.

Primo™ Business Intelligence

Understand your logistics business from all angles. Our BI teams specialize in solution-oriented data reporting that ensures quality, and optimizes costs.

Optimize your business with a Primo™ team

People-First, tech-enabled.

Our innovative team structure puts small, independent groups in charge of specific relationships and shipments. Each becomes a pod of experts in planning, anticipating, executing and problem-solving, wrapping a family-vibe team around every client.

Complete team visibility.

This structure lets us take better care of our employees, meaning they’ll take better care of our customers. Plus we draw on leadership experience with state-of-the-art tech that empowers us to fully manage our paths through the supply chain, completing an offering to our customers that’s beyond compare.

Our Primo™ dashboard let’s you keep an eye on your shipments while we ensure their arrival. Our TMS guarantees full visibility and traceability of your freight throughout the whole shipping process

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